Chapter 8- Information Options – Portals and TV Channels

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All brokers are also big information houses themselves, as far information about the Stock Market is concerned. The Brokerage firms covered in Chapter 7 (or anyone else that you work with) could keep you occupied with a lot of information, predictions, forecasts and bulletins for a lot of your time. These would cover information required to buy or sell shares, debentures (or bonds) or derivatives (Futures and Options). And all this information could make its way to you through Investment Newsletters, Emails or even SMS, depending on which brokerage firm you decide to work with and the agreement you have with them.

However – apart from your own Broker, there are other sources of information (paid or otherwise) that you should explore. We would like to list a few of the options available for you. We figure that the more the sources of information, the greater the chances of staying away from absolute speculation. So here goes!

TV Channels: 

The most popular TV channels covering happenings in the Indian Market would be CNBC TV18, Awaaz (Hindi) and NDTV Profit. These channels are pretty much dedicated to covering the Stock Market round the clock and also other news that could affect the prices of one of more companies. These would keep you updated not only about what is happening to most of the companies listing on the Exchange, but also statements by The Finance Ministry, the Governor of RBI, the SEBI Chairman and so on. At night these channels would also cover the happenings in the World market so that you can relate how changes in one market soon reflect in other markets. Apart from these, Headlines Today and NDTV 24×7 also give news updates about the latest happenings in the Stock Market pretty frequently.


MoneyControl is arguably the biggest investment portal in India. It is owned by CNBC TV 18 and is very rich in content. This should prove very useful for you if you are unable to get TV coverage but have internet connection. Is a widely used portal by professionals at work and even from home. From their website – “ was conceived as a personal finance vortal in February, 1999 and it took almost nine months to give it birth on November 5, 1999. And this precocious child of the cyberworld has been growing at a breath taking rate ever since. On the way, we had another memorable date with destiny, when we were acquired by e-Eighteen.Com Limited on June 1, 2000 and became part of the Television Eighteen India Limited group. Today, is the premier end-to-end business and finance vortal for Indian netizens everywhere. Come, be part of the journey as our valued member and leave it to us to make this relationship click….” lets you manage online portfolios for free and also lets you categorize your stocks by date, by purchase and sale, by Industry, etc.

EquityMaster is also one of the oldest Financial Market portals in India. It also has a very decent following and is well known for its Portfolio Manager and Equity Newsletters, though these are paid services, offered at nominal prices ! This is what the website has to say about itself:

Giving you the best information.
* To use.
* To profit from.
* Or just to enhance your knowledge and understanding.
Because information is power.
Power to the People: that is our business. 

Since this is our own portal, it wouldn’t be fit to write too much about it. However, we would like to mention how this is different from the other portals. was setup and is managed by IT Professionals who would like to create a forum for discussion and postings by like minded people who have a common interest – the Stock Market. This website is now managed by the same professionals to share information that we have learnt over the last many years of Share Market Investing.

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